Starter Package (PLAS) – Standard


An All-in-one Package customized according to your needs as a new immigrant in Canada. This Package includes all of your basic needs that help you to get a better living. Please note that this item is only serving one person per purchase.

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Sold By: Nova World Study Aborad

Starter Package (PLAS)

We understand that majority of the students traveling overseas for higher studies are having their first experience. More than them, their parents back home would be more concerned about the initial well-being of their kids. There is an abundance of information flow online. A lot of students have friends and associates overseas to rely on.

We step up in the process not only as Educational Consultants but as an Ally in their journey to make it smooth and easy. Right from pre-departure orientation, SIM card, airport pickup services to help you find comfortable accommodation our team offers all possible post landing services that students need in the Maple Leaf Country. We ensure that students and their parents/guardians do not get through sleepless nights and have any daunting experience in an alien environment and surroundings losing confidence. We have a widespread partner network across various sectors that include food services, realtors, insurance advisors, automotive, banking, etc. Our package and platform provide One-Stop-Shop for new immigrants/students.

Our Starter package is termed PLAS (Preparedness, Landing, Adaptation, and Settlement). It is structured in stepwise categories and consists of multiple complementary services included in the package and various other services we extended at special preferential costs through our partner network.


  • The do’s and don’ts of studying abroad
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Help with the documents that you need to show at the airport
  • Complimentary Pre-activated SIM for Canada


  • Complimentary Airport pickup
  • Help and support with landing & movement
  • Arrangement for the first 7 days of accommodation from the airport at preferential cost through our partner network


  • Complimentary Preactivated Bus/Train pass and assistance in initial commute using Google Maps.
  • Complimentary Indian (Veg/Non-veg) meals for an initial 1 week. Can be extended further at preferential cost, if interested.
  • Assistance for the process of applying for your 9-digit Social Insurance Number (SIN Number) that’s mandatory for an overseas person to do a job in Canada.
  • Assistance in the application information and process to get a photo ID and driving license.
  • Assistance in opening Bank account & credit card applications.


  • Assistance in finding a suitable accommodation for rental (individual or shared basis) through our partner network
  • Finding the major things related to your first house like bed, mattress, buy really cheap groceries etc.
  • Assistance on how to buy your first car and insurance through our partner network
  • Assistance with Canadian Settlement Process
  • Complimentary Job Assistance, Resume building in a Canadian context, Resume posting across various partner portals
  • Assistance in result-oriented job search assistance

Features Overview

Airport Pickup

Sim Card

Bus Pass

Settlement Assistance

Employment Assistance

Document Assistance

Complimentary Food