Career Assessment & Job Search

Our associates at NWSA understand the stress of starting a career in a new country and this is why they have designed a career assessment, planning, and job search service to assist you in finding a job. They help you to develop and follow through with a realistic road map according to your current skill sets and work experience. They can also guide you in case you decided to acquire new skill sets or get certifications to continue your previous profession in Canada. Further, assistance is provided to build a resume and cover letter according to Canadian standards.

Career Assessment & Planning

Career Assessment is a helpful way to learn more about opportunities, fields, and a variety of careers that may suit you. The assessment focuses on skills, aptitude, interests, or principles, and values. After the assessment, our consultants determine what kind of job fits a candidate and guide them accordingly. 

Resume & Cover Letter Building

Every country has its own style of resume and CV building. A resume is not a piece of paper, it represents your own image on a paper such as your skills and qualities. It helps employers to understand you better. We will assist you to build a resume that meets all the criteria according to the Canadian Job Sector.

Job Market Insights

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Skills Training & Apprenticeship

In Canada, there are many professions that require certifications or licensing before you start working as a new professional or continue with the previous experience from your home country. Our consultant will help you to contact and enroll in the right program in case you would like to get the certification or upgrade your skills.

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